About Us

Image We are dedicated selflessly to provide the best quality for your child’s learning and development. Hence, to secure the needs and safety for your children, the systematic rules and regulations are based on further research and practice. Here at Royal Learning Center, we ensure the following set of programs, services and fun-filled activities that will let your children enhance more of their intellect, strengths and skills focusing on the different targets.

  • Speaking , Writing, Listening and Reading
  • Academic subjects such as Mathematics, History, Science, Public Speaking
  • Theater Arts, Painting, Music
  • Sports and Physical Games

Our programs guarantee the best to educate youngsters, not only on their intellectual growth but also on the emotional and social state that would help build their identity and self-concept of who they are as individuals and their relation to the society.

10206 S. Denker Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90047
Phone:  (323) 242-8010
Fax:       (323) 242-8170
Email:    rlcchildren@sbcglobal.net

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