ImageHere at Royal Learning Center we offer you the first steps to nurturing the needs of your child at the best affordable rates and services. We provide you academic and special programs that help them to grasp and discover new things as they nurture towards the important stages of growth and development—the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and social aspects so that children can be guided throughout their learning.

The following subjects include:

  • Academic Guide (Science, Mathematics, History and Language)
  • Reading and Literature
  • Speech ( Pronunciation and Phonetic Drills, Stress and Accent, Dictation )
  • Writing Tasks ( making dialogues, stories )

Special Programs that let your child expose to various skills and talents:

  • Theater workshop
  • Arts, Crafts and Painting
  • Dancing Lessons ( Ballet, Jazz and Hip-hop)
  • Musical Instruments ( Violin, Piano, Guitar, Clarinet )
  • Sports
  • Science & Math
  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • Cognitive Development
  • Language & Cultural Arts
  • Nutrition & Food Experience
  • Computer Awareness
  • Values and Morals

For further inquiries about our programs, advertisements and enrollment procedures, you may contact us at (323) 242-8010.

10206 S. Denker Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90047
Phone:  (323) 242-8010
Fax:       (323) 242-8170

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