Royal Learning Center has a solid staff of educators and child care professionals who can handle the whole student body in the center.

  • We have qualified experiences in taking care of infants, toddlers, and older children respectively.
  • We have strong team work so that the children are not confused of the education and influences they are getting.
  • We promote family oriented values so children feel not much difference between day care and their homes. We are supportive, loving, caring and fun. And we genuinely discourage the habit of gossiping, off colored jokes and all inappropriate language and behavior among staffs and teachers. We strive to be as good role models as we can be.

Additionally, our care providers are select individuals of excellent backgrounds and references. They go through a screening process that involves criminal background checking, driving records checking and health/mental stability assessment. We make sure that we’ve assembled the best faculty at Royal Learning Center.

10206 S. Denker Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90047
Phone:  (323) 242-8010
Fax:       (323) 242-8170

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